AXA CERT - solutions for a European market!


Quality is the key to success in modern economy.

This is why we are specialized in testing and certifying the products of companies operating in the thermal insulating joinery and insulating glazing industry.

The AXA CERT laboratory scientifically tests the performance of your products and releases test reports, and determines the performance classes to which the tested product belongs.

Founded in 2010, AXA CERT Laboratory has quickly become known on the market of thermal insulating joinery suppliers due to its professionalism and performance, with staff with more than 20 years of experience.

Using state-of-art technology and experienced staff, we perform resistance tests at wind load, air permeability tests, water insulation and resistance tests of safety devices for glazing systems, thermal insulating doors and curtain walling.

For insulating glazing elements, we perform tests specific to the product standard, in particular: determining the humidity penetration rate, measuring the dew point temperature, the vapour transmission rate and the adherence of the edge seals. Moreover, for thermally toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass, we make, in the best conditions, resistance tests to the pendulum impact, security at the impact with a soft body and durability tests according to the European standards.

In 2012, AXA CERT developed a software application for manufacturers of thermal insulating joinery, an application that helps them calculate the performance of thermal insulating windows and doors on the market, by automatically generating Declarations of Performance and EC Marking Labels, mandatory in the European Economic Area in accordance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011.

The purpose of the application is to communicate directly with the optimization programs used on the thermal insulating joinery market: Winarhi, Fenestra, Klaess, Pyramid, allowing the manufacturer, after optimization, to export the data for printing EC marking labels with the performance classes for each product. The application automatically generates the Declaration of Performance for the Product, a document that can be accessed by the beneficiary at any time for 10 years after the generation in the electronic archive of the application. Our mission is to be an effective aid for Romanian companies in the process of certification of products to ensure free circulation on the European markets.

AXA CERT – solutions for a European market!

Address of laboratory: Ploiesti, 2 Lamâiței Str., Prahova County
Telephone: (+) 0372 919 621; Mobile: (+) 0746 214 471; (+) 0746 268 015